Design driven solutions for you. A joyful experience for your user.

Working with me has big perks: great design and problem solving skills plus, when you call, I'm the one saying, "Hello."
I love what I do. Design is one of the few disciplines that requires equal parts logic and imagination. When both sync, it's one of those great 'aha' moments. The most interesting part of the equation though is you: what you're bringing to the table and the unique needs of your project.

For your project we'll focus on the goals of your users and balance that with your requirements and objectives. This will create the touchstone of our work together and will lay the base for your end product: a graceful user experience, enhanced by beautiful design.

I work with individual consultants, creatives, and small to medium size businesses and will tailor a solution to fit your business needs.

Attention Developers, Startups & Agencies

Are you putting together a team for a special project? Get in touch today. I bring out of the box thinking, enjoy working with developers and would be a great addition to your project.


All about me.

I obsess about design, not only on the screen but in the home and garden or how an object is placed in it's surroundings. A fine artist, I create abstract works, primarily in oil. I do love to get dirty in the garden and have been known to do a little earth moving from time to time. A long term resident of Marin County, California, I settled in Fairfax, California to take back summer. I now own several pairs of sandals. 'Happy' is one word you can add here.

Free Image Round-Up

High definition images, royalty free? You betcha! In our visual world, it can be hard to locate good resources for quality images that can be used in social media or your blog post but they do exists! This is a sampler free image round-up to get you started. There are more resources out there but […]

Web design for Sagebrush Culinary Services / Reno, Nevada -

Web design for Sagebrush Culinary Services in Reno, NV

Zak Lucas is the talent behind Sagebrush Culinary Services in the Sparks and Reno area of Nevada. We worked together to establish his first online presence. Sagebrush Culinary Services specializes in intimate events and small gatherings so it’s the perfect choice not only for area residents, but the weekend and holiday visitor looking for a more […]

Web design for Carrot Top Treats, Mill Valley /

Web design for Carrot Top Treats, Mill Valley, CA

Carrot Top Treats, a small specialty baker in Mill Valley, has a new online home. I created a space for them to grow their business to the next level and it will be very friendly to adding features as they are needed. Here is a small screen shot. You can learn more about the project on […]

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Small Businesses – Use Video in Your Social Media Marketing

A 30 second video is an engaging way to introduce your business to new customers and keep current customers engaged. Promote your business locally or to engage with customers anywhere on the globe. In 30 seconds a video gives a real flavor of what your business is about.

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