Business-to-Business Commerce

First steps to a mature online presence

MacPherson's Art Supply is a employee owned company selling business-to-business. We began with creating a document to promote and demonstrate the need for a redesign. In that process we zeroed in on a consumer-style commerce model for ease of use and familiarity triggered in part by the now broad adoption for online purchasing in general. The document looked at the whole of the current design and used persona's representative of their customer base to 'tell the story'. Next we worked together to identify core interaction types. Then began an iterative process to define UX Patterns that were user friendly and fluid enough to allow for flexibility for product types with a large degree of variation. The slides here are just a few examples of the types of data we were attempting to support.
Client: MacPherson's Art Supply
Role: Consultant, UX and Visual Design

Georgia has a keen style sense and a good understanding of current best-practices in UX/UI design. She kept to tight deadlines and freely availed herself to listen in on development meetings or assist in presentations. Highly recommended.

Dave Tavel
Digital Projects Manager, MacPherson's - an employee owned company
Posted in Design, e-Commerce, Marketing, Portfolio, UX Design.