Social Habits and Time Shifted Viewing

Posted on Jan 25, 2012

Will we get it right?

Whoops! A new Tivo study shows the user becoming increasingly invested in time shifting for their TV viewing experience. You would never expect this following the news coming from CES in Las Vegas this week where the hot topic for 2012 is Social TV. Is this another example of not considering the consumer who is our end user over the advertiser? Google, Sony, Apple, Comcast, Glue: one after the other the new tricks are tied closely to the social experience of linear television viewing, with everything from new hardware and software as well as second screen apps gaining attention.

The new social model that so many providers and networks seem to feel their success is dependent on is based around the linear viewing model and that is the source of the conflict. Our interactions today increasingly are based on a “shared” experience that is not hinged on having the experience at the same time. Additionally, while we all make space to share with our friends or family we also have actively created comfortable, meaningful, be it less personal, communities in our online exchanges. In this regard the powers that be might pay more attention to the growing success of Google+ hangouts. A lot of people who previously were strangers are creating a new space to have a shared experience. The key is that they are strangers. Assuming we can only have a positive social interaction with people we know rather than people who have a shared interest will create an unnecessary blip for all parties in the growth of this new viewer experience.

I copied this over from an earlier post on my Posterous blog while I was getting this online.


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