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Posted on Aug 10, 2012

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Jesse James Garrett, who is a pioneer in user experience, sits down with Brian Solis to talk about why UX deserves the attention of the C-suite. (Short ad plays first) [If you have trouble viewing the video it is available on]

Jesse James Garrett and Brian Solis sit down to discuss user experience in this video. The basics are covered; defining user experience and what it is in practice. However, the core of the discussion is about the changes in experience and product design taking place now. Although not explicitly stated in the interview, the driver for this ground swell of interest in UX is the end user, a silent partner in the design process. As we become more attuned to user experience and its potential impact on the improvement of our lives, we drive the engagement of the decision makers; from the design team to the board room; in creating positive, enjoyable and memorable experiences and products.

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